Once you reach out to our team, a TelaMed staff member will contact you to discuss how TelaMed Partners offsite staffing might benefit your practice.


Should you elect to proceed with TelaMed Partners’ services, we would help you select staff most appropriate to your organization’s needs. Our IT infrastructure is compliant with US HIPAA guidelines and our staff have received extensive HIPAA training.  TelaMed Partners will execute a Business Associate Agreement with your organization and will comply with US federal privacy laws.  Patients or clients will securely interface with our TelaMed staff.  We will assist your office in staff training.


You will be billed monthly for TelaMed services.  Typical savings to your office is 33-50% of the costs associated with an onsite employee plus increased patient appointments due to the additional efficiency of answering your calls at an offsite location.  On a monthly basis, we will provide you detailed reports showing the number of answered calls, missed calls, patient wait time, and average length of call.
Let’s talk and build an administrative team for your practice together.