How TelaMed Partners Can Benefit Your Practice From Day One

There is both a financial as well as an efficiency benefit of concierge remote staffing. At TelaMed Partners, we pride our organization on selecting exceptional individuals from hospitality backgrounds who are trained to be effective remote staff members.
A bar plot showing the before and after of working with Telamed Partners with respect to an increase in scheduled appointments by 25% or more.

Feedback by our clients indicate a 25% or more increase in appointments scheduled when this process is moved out of the office. That, together with an average of 33% cost savings per individual staff answering personnel makes for a positive impact on the bottom line of your medical practice.

The added efficiency of the elimination of workspace required for on site operators, removal of distracting prolonged appointment calls from the front office environment, and the continual real time metrics analysis of appointment and answering efficiency, make an immediate and long lasting impact on office logistics.

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