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Practices Across The Country


Otolaryngology/ Head and Neck Surgery

“Our patient scheduler was overwhelmed and couldn't keep up with the volume of calls to schedule appointments and resigned. Our front desk team received the overflow of calls and became less effective in completing their tasks needed for clinic preparation. Our practice administrator then recommended we try a new call center solution. Obviously, we were apprehensive at first, relinquishing our phones to an offsite entity. The results 30 days later were overwhelmingly positive. Not only was our front office staff more productive and less stressed, but we were now scheduling almost double the number of appointments than we were handling in our old scheduling method. We strongly recommend our new call center.”


Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

“Our facial plastic surgery practice of five providers started in 1987. The Pandemic produced a huge strain on our ability to attract and keep certain jobs, the most concerning of which were the people answering the phones and making appointments. TelaMed Partners has been an excellent solution for us. Having an off shore staff who are hospitality trained and outwardly enthusiastic to patients has been a true pleasure. From our first week with them we noticed much improved communication with our patients, increased appointments, and significantly decreased front office stress. The cost savings with their services has been enormous. This has been a huge benefit to our practice.”



“Between five ENT practitioners, two full-time audiologists, and four allergy techs, each of our two main offices are inundated with daily phone calls. Over 100 calls a day went to voicemail and had to be returned later. Over half of these calls were to make or change appointments. We realized we needed to hire additional staff just for the phone volume. We didn't have the space for the additional employees and we were reluctant to have to add to our already large staff. The Telamed Partners’ staffing model has worked very well for us. Once past the learning curve, the three staff members at their center have alleviated a significant burden on my office staff.  Utilizing the staffing center has allowed my staff to do a better job taking care of our patients, verifying referrals, and taking care of my patients needs because they are not inundated with phone calls.  In addition, we are not burdened with managing these three additional employees, their payroll, benefits, etc.  My experience with Telamed Partners has been as good as I had hoped.”
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